Stone Veneer

Until recently, projects that called for the natural look of stone but could not support its weight or thickness were limited to manufactured imitation stone. Today, machinery has evolved that can cut full-size natural stone into thin stone veneers. Unlike manufactured stone veneers, natural thin stone is quarried and then cut into thin flat or thin corner pieces. The result is an exciting variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes of thin stone that offer endless design opportunities.

Our products can be used for both residential and commercial construction. Like full natural stone, our thin stone veneer can withstand the harshest exterior environments including exposure to intense UV rays, temperature extremes, and other challenging conditions.

Stone veneers come in a variety of types and mounting details we install conventional full depth stone veneers of all types, thin stone veneers that are real stone instead of cultured stone and panel veneers more commonly used on commercial building.